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Become the Junior Hero contact for your elementary school.  Each school needs one contact to help facilitate the program.  


The program is not a burden for faculty, but rather a fun and easy way to teach the life skills of good citizenry and service.  In less than an hour per week, you can make a difference!  Please contact us to volunteer.

Volunteer Duties

  1. Pick up free t-shirts and prizes from our Phoenix location.

  2. Create awareness of the program at the elementary school among faculty and students.

  3. Distribute and collect service sheets.

  4. Distribute t-shirts and prizes on a weekly basis to the school for those that turned in the service sheet.

  5. Follow up to ensure prizes are awarded by the Principal. 


"Volunteering has not been a big burden and it has been a great experience to see our students and school grow."


-Elementary School Teacher and Volunteer 

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