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Our Mission

Junior Hero is a non-profit 501(c)3 that makes it fun for for students, parents, and teachers to serve their community and those around them. The program is 100% volunteer run and no volunteers receive pay at any level.


There is no cost to the school to participate and it is not a heavy burden on the faculty.  Each elementary school has a champion contact that facilities the program with supplies and resources provided by Junior Hero.

Become a Junior Hero

1) Take the Junior Hero Pledge.
2) Provide required service and log your hours on the provided form.
3) Get a signature from an adult upon completion.
4) Turn this completed sheet into your teacher or in the envelope on the Junior Hero board.
5) You will be recognized and receive a Junior Hero t-shirt and prize.

6) You are now a Junior Hero for life. Live up to the expectation!


Required Service Hours

Pre-K: 2 Hours

Kindergarten: 3 Hours

1st Grade: 4 Hours

2nd Grade: 5 Hours

3rd Grade: 6 Hours

4th Grade: 7 Hours

5th Grade: 8 Hours

6th Grade: 9 Hours

Adults: 7 Hours

Junior Hero Pledge


As a Junior Hero, I pledge to uplift others and myself through thoughtful acts of
kindness and service.

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