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How to Become a Junior Hero

1) Take the Junior Hero Pledge.
2) Provide required service and log your hours on the provided form.
3) Get a signature from an adult upon completion.
4) Turn the completed sheet into your teacher or into the envelope on the Junior Hero board.
5) You will be recognized and receive a Junior Hero T-shirt and prize.

6) You are now a Junior Hero. Live up to the expectation!



"Students and teachers love this program!  I've seen a change in the atmosphere of our school.  Yes it is actually free!"

-Elementary School Principal

"I've seen a difference in the attitude of our classroom.  Students are anxious to uplift others."

-Elementary School Teacher

Required Service Hours

Pre-K: 2 Hours

Kindergarten: 3 Hours

1st Grade: 4 Hours

2nd Grade: 5 Hours

3rd Grade: 6 Hours

4th Grade: 7 Hours

5th Grade: 8 Hours

6th Grade: 9 Hours

Adults: 7 Hours

Junior Hero Pledge

As a Junior Hero, I pledge to uplift others and myself through thoughtful acts of kindness and service.

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Our Mission

Junior Hero is a non-profit 501(c)3 that makes it fun for students, parents, and teachers to serve their community and those around them.  

There is no cost to the school to participate and it is not a heavy burden on the faculty.  Each elementary school has a champion contact that facilities the program with supplies and resources provided by Junior Hero.

Junior Hero is 100% volunteer run and no volunteers receive pay at any level. 100% of donations go to the funding of the Junior Hero program.


Become a Volunteer

Become the Junior Hero contact for your elementary school.  Each school needs a contact to help facilitate the program.  Typically the volunteer is a teacher or a parent. 


The program is not a burden for faculty, but rather a fun and easy way to teach students to uplift and serve others.  In less than an hour per week, you can make a difference!  Please contact us to become a volunteer for your school.

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